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The millionaire next door - Summary in English

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There are many books out there about money. So many aims to teach you how to manage your money better, offering new conceptual tips and strategies to accomplish success.
By reading this book, I found myself with a completely new mindset, and as a result, my entire life started to evolve. That is why I recorded this summary audiobook to collect the valuable part of the book and hear it all over again. Now, I am sharing this, with you.
It's an analysis of the everyday millionaires in America who aren't making headlines, diving deep into how they make, keep, and grow their money. It was originally published in 1996, and while it's been updated a few times since then, it's just as relevant today.
Very few books resonate with me as much as "The Millionaire Next Door." It was one of the main catalysts for how I currently deal with money and practice frugality. After reading this book, it was impossible to go about my life in the same way, change had to be made.
"The Millionaire Next Door" is a book that explains the intricacy of today's millionaires, people you would be surprised to find wealthy, and the habits and decisions that got them to that wealth level.
But, it's more than just a book about wealth and tips to get there. It's a book about mindset and habit changes that all of us can do. I learned some valuable lessons from the first personal finance book I ever read and that literally changed my life.
Jee Utrecht
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