Peter Williams

Productive Accidents

Productive Accidents shows how a framework for curiosity and creativity can also be a recipe for innovation and adventure. There are ten actionable insights that can be applied by individuals, families, or companies. The more you experiment with these ideas the more you realise that serendipity can be predictable and repeatable experience.

At a deeper level, Productive Accidents provides a way to maintain a growth mindset, build an authentic network, and contribute to a wide range of interests and causes. At the extreme it also provides a way to beat a midlife crisis, survive a tragedy, and live a playful and generous life -- it might even be a remedy for regret.

Read the book, take note of anything that resonates, and reach out to start a conversation -- it's an open invitation to connect and explore opportunities to collaborate. Learn more here: https://linktr.ee/peterbwilliams
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