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Basics of Statistics Explained

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What do you know about statistics? Are you a business student? Are you a manager of some company? Do you want to be an Economist? If yes, this course if for you. Principles of Statistics are the basics of Economics. Most of the times, people find such course very boring and difficult. In fact, Statistic is really a boring thing. In this book, you will witness that the whole course is detailed in an easy to read and easy to understand way. While having a cup of tea, study it and get to know all about the principles of statistics. In simple words, it is a complete course that will help you in understanding the principles of statistics. What you’ll learn in this book: Basics of Statistics Population and Sample Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Variables Measures of Center Measures of Variation Standard Deviation Organization of Data What is Estimation? Hypothesis Testing Summarization of Bivariate Data Without think anymore, buy this book now!
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