M.L. Ronn

The Author Estate Handbook

If you died tomorrow, would your books survive you?
It's so easy to focus on writing and marketing. You’re so busy building a writing business, but you know that if you don’t plan on what will happen after your death, everything you’re building won’t matter.
Yet, you probably don’t know where to start.
This book will help you get your affairs in order, understand estate planning basics, and make a plan so that you can create a legacy that will continue making money for your family long after you're gone.
Get organized once and for all--quickly and painlesslyAvoid the top 10 estate-ending mistakesLearn how to gather all your affairs in one placeDiscover key talking points to bring up with your estate planning attorney that no one else will tell you aboutFrom passwords to bank accounts to book retailer accounts, this book will hold your hand through the process of getting your ducks in a row.
This book will help you get more organized and help your heirs make more money from your books. It'll give you a fighting chance at preserving the amazing legacy you're already building.
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