Joe O'Callaghan

Finding The Love of Your Life. Again.

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Have you ever wanted a sarcastic, opinionated, experienced, straight guy friend that could speak to you clearly but somehow also with compassion? No?

Well, are you within 10 years of your 40's and do you have a sense of humor and are you tired of it being wasted on boring men? Still no?

Maybe try that love language book.

But if you answered yes to any of the above, you've got to give the soft dulcet tones of Joe reading his book about dating after divorce a try.

In his debut dating-after-divorce audiobook, Joe O'Callaghan walks you through the mindsets, strategies, and mental models of dating as a f**king adult.

Gems like the 3C's of a potential partner and the ultimate model for lasting change: The Levers of Living.

If you're tired of bad date after bad date, give Finding the Love of Your Life. Again. a listen.
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