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Has your child outgrown their kid's Bible but still doesn't quite have the attention span for all 800,000 words of Scripture yet? Then, the "Witness the Bible" dramatized audio series makes a great sola scriptura transition.

As currently featured on Bible Gateway, this series is designed to help young believers and seekers activate the reality of Jesus and His love for us throughout the entire Bible.

This first volume in the series, "Witness the Bible: Genesis to Jesus", presents a kind of “highlight reel” of Jesus' life in Scripture (up to His birth in Bethlehem) by synthesizing different parts of the Old and New Testament into one single narrative, with a slightly abridged text (taken entirely from the Revised Geneva Translation) and full cinematic sound effects and music throughout.

WTB_G2J includes Creation, The Fall, The Flood, Abraham's Calling, David & Goliath, The Christmas Story and the full books of Ruth and Jonah. In addition, it dynamically intersperses parts of Christ's Genealogy (from Genesis 5 and Matthew 1) to heighten the reality of His earthly line.

Help the kids you love draw closer to God with "Witness the Bible: Genesis to Jesus" (performed by 7-time #1 Amazon Best-Selling Narrator, Steve Cook).

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