Tia Didmon

Feral Attraction

Cat shifter meet Cat burglar... One stolen moment can be the difference between victory and death.Anastatia Petrov has a mission. One final heist and she will be free of the monster that pulls her strings. All she has to do is steal a tiny device from a lair of cougar shifters. She has trained her entire life for this, so it should be easy. But when a cougar shifter meets a cat burglar, one stolen moment can be the difference between victory and death.
Do you run back to the lion’s den and lose everything you fought for when the sexy man who caught you says you’re his mate, or do you believe in a man who brings fire from the shadows and light to the darkness?
Their forbidden love may be a series of stolen moments, but it will take one last score to save the ones she loves.
If you like steamy, paranormal romance filled with sexy shifters and monstrous villains, with worlds similar to those of Gena Showalter, Larissa Ione, Lara Adrian, Nalini Singh, Sherrilyn Kenyon, & Christine Feehan, then you'll enjoy the Cascade Cougar series. One click your copy now!
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Tia Didmon


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