Susan Brighton

Anxiety in Relationship

If you’ve been having incessant feelings of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty recently; or your relationship has been causing these feelings in one way or another, and you want to turn things around, to make your relationship something you cherish and look forward to being in, keep reading...
You are about to discover how exactly you can effectively neutralize all manner of relationship stress, anxiety, and uncertainty; and instead institute positivity, enthusiasm, passion, and desire to make your relationship healthy and long lasting!
Does a typical argument or conflict (or the thought of it) in your relationship often make you feel like you’re losing it - perhaps to an extent that you’re always visualizing the many possible ways you could make the exit? Do you have all manner of "doomsday" scenarios playing in your mind regarding your relationship and are sick of it because it makes you hold back, not give it your all and such? If you’ve answered yes, this audiobook is for you...
If you’ve been in a tumultuous relationship - even for a week, you must know how emotionally draining and nerve-wracking it is.
I know you’ve been wondering- perhaps for a while now:
Why am I often feeling stressed?
Should I just walk out of this relationship?
Is there a way to stabilize and reset my life/ relationship, and start over?
What can I do to overcome the pain, insecurities, and reestablish a healthy, intimate relationship?
If you have, then you are one of the millions of people worldwide who are suffering from this problem in silence. But now that you’re here, things will be different for you, as this audiobook will show you why you don’t need to walk out of the relationship or give up on life, as well as what you need to do to make a permanent, positive turn to be free, happy, and peaceful!
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