Angela Wayning

Gifted Child

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In this brief guide to giftedness, we will assess and critically examine the results of IQ-tests and their significance. We will also look at the homework problems many gifted children face, with their particular set of grey matter, and why schools often fail to meet the needs of those same children, because let’s face it: The schools often have no clue what to do with them, how to challenge them properly, or how to adapt a program to their constant drive to explore, discover, and be more creative.

Another subject in this book is how you can help gifted children manage their intense feelings and their overexcitement. Gifted children tend to experience things on a deeper, more intense level, and this can both lead to genius moments and hypersensitivity and being overly dramatic about seemingly small issues. How to handle this, is key of one of the chapters in this guide.

I encourage you to take a look at this. You will learn more and understand how your gifted child feels and what moves him or her in life.
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