Lee Jackson,Baz Gascoyne

Cut to the Chase

The sequel to 'Dead Men Walking', encouraging men to discover what it means to be truly masculine.
Baz and Lee (authors of Dead Men Walking) once again provide an astonishingly frank, honest and bold account of what it means to be a man trying to follow the ways of Jesus in the 21st century.
How do men harness their passion and aggression, give everything in relationships and ultimately attract more 'real men' into a genuine relationship with God.
This book is for all men but especially for those who are fed up of wearing masks and are desperate for reality with God, each other and themselves.
Packed full of quotes, humor, information and true stories, it's raw, gritty and a breath of fresh air.
There are questions for discussion at the end of each chapter.
"... courageous, funny, adventurous and as honest as a bunch of lads chatting on a long road trip while the radio plays."From the Foreword by Pete Greig
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