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Learn more about Stoicism, the ancient Greek philosophy that has made millions more disciplined, balanced, and happier!

Stoicism focuses on using reason to understand the laws of nature and to bridle passions and overcome weaknesses, addictions, and tendencies that make us dependent on the world around us. In that way, Stoicism helps us achieve higher levels of success, emotional control, and a love for everything we encounter. Stoicism is a great philosophy that can benefit everyone, especially those who apply the key takeaways to their daily lives. In this audiobook, you’ll learn:

Why logic without any emotion lies at the root of this philosophyHow Stoicism can help with traumas and chronic conditionsThe difference between Stoicism and other philosophies from ancient GreeceStoic quotes and thoughtsThe confusion around Stoicism, and Marcus Aurelius, the emperor of RomeWhat the school of Epicureans teachesAnd much more!
Stoicism has been practiced by wise, intelligent men and women in the past. It’s time to see this Greek philosophy in a greater light and reap the benefits from it.
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