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The 7 habits of Highly Effective People - Summary in English

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This audiobook summary tells the secret steps not just to get success in this competitive world, but it provides realistic and great ideas to win our own self. It focuses on your basics paradigms. It will make you realize that the quick fix strategy of learning good communication, having an attractive external appearance, learning so many ways to impress others can not work out in long term. To make your life happy and to make your relationships work, you have to work on your character. You have to find a mission statement for your life.
The first three habits for self-development are so much inspiring and realistic that anyone by doing these, can get a better version of themselves..
The next 3 habits are for public victory, and these are also amazing. By understanding the principles of public victory, we can get clarity of which person, we should synergize with. It tells that we should only do a deal with a person if it benefits both of you i.e it inspires us to get in a win-win deal.
The last habit, tells us about how we can renew our physical, spiritual, mental, and social dimensions of life..
If you are the one who doesn't want to read many self-help books and if you are searching for a quick summary audiobook this can inspire you, motivate you to do better, and a book that can solve many doubts of you then you should definitely read this book.

Jee Utrecht
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