Connie Cuckquean

Cuckqueans Erotica Bundle 8-Pack : Books 1 - 8 (Threesome Erotica Lesbian Erotica BDSM Erotica Collection)

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This collection features books 1 to 8 of the 'Cuckqueans' series, where women yearn to treat their husbands to another female beauty while they watch on. The mistresses in this bundle will allow the cuckqueans to join in, but it's strictly on their terms! One thing they all get to do is clean-up the mess afterwards. Read how these sinful wives get cucked in naughty threesomes that'll leave you salivating, experiencing their first-time lesbian experiences at the same time!
Stories include : 'Watching My Husband With The Girl Nextdoor,' 'Another Woman in My Bed,' 'Watching My Husband With The Girl From The Pool,' 'Another Woman in Our House,' 'A Slave To His Mistress,' 'Watching My Husband With My Bridesmaid,' 'Taking My Husband's Love From Her Sex,' & 'Booking A Call-Girl For My Husband.'
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