Loki Renard

The Human Hunter

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He’s hot. He’s deadly. And he’s hunting me.

Rath K’zar is an alien bounty hunter. The best in the universe.

I’m his admin assistant.

I send him his bounties, and I process his payments.

I know him better than anybody. He doesn’t know I exist.

I have dreamed about him every night for months. You could call it a crush, or a fixation, or maybe an obsession. Whatever. I never thought it would amount to anything.

Then there was a… misunderstanding at work.

I became the galaxy’s most wanted overnight.

Now he’s hunting me.

Nobody escapes Rath K’zar.

He’s merciless.

He doesn’t care about innocence.

He cares about the bounty.

And my name is on his list.
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