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Artificial Intelligence and Future of Business

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) migrates from academic centers and into the business world. Top-leading businesses are harnessing its power through thousands of industries: from banks analyzing multiple data points in seconds to detecting fraud to call the center implementation of chatbots to boost customer experiences.
A significant increase in AI and machine learning related software, frameworks, and applications were witnessed during 2018. These innovations have had an influence not only on the internet and the software industry but also on other verticals such as manufacturing, education, legal, automotive, and farming. Organizations such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM are investing in AI research and development that will help customers immensely by bringing AI closer.
A majority of people still equate artificial intelligence with science fiction dystopias, but that image is gradually fading as artificial intelligence evolves and becomes more prevalent in everyday life. Artificial intelligence has become a household name today.
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