Philip Dick,Evan Hunter,Milton Lesser,William Morrison

Lost Sci-Fi Books 26 thru 30

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Lost Sci-Fi Books 26 thru 30 - Five Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1940s, 50s and 60s
Beyond The Door by Philip K. Dick - Larry Thomas bought a cuckoo clock for his wife—without knowing the price he would have to pay.Shipping Clerk by William Morrison - If Ollie knew the work he was doing, he would have resigned—if resigning were possible!Spoken For by William Morrison - He was lost—anyone could see that—but she had no idea how entirely lost he was nor why!Pariah by Milton Lesser - Harry spent three years in space waiting to get home to Earth—and his family. They were waiting for him too—that is, for his corpse...The Plagiarist From Rigel IV by Evan HunterWriting stories was hard work—unless Fred had a typewriter like "Reggie" that could write by itself! Nonsense? Fred agreed until he met— THE PLAGIARIST FROM RIGEL IV
Scott Miller
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