Scarlett Press

Falling for Her Professor

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Hanna is used to getting her way.
A bombshell whose modeling career never got off the ground, Hanna decides it's time to go back to school to find a different path in life. Growing bored with the dry content of classes like Coding 101, she decides to pass the time more creatively… by teasing her new professor.
When Tony isn't taken in by her blatant flirtations, Hanna rises to the challenge. She isn't used to men not becoming slack-jawed putty at her advances, but this older man seems to be invulnerable to her feminine charms.
If only it were the case. Tony is very aware of the age difference and the taboo nature of a student-professor relationship. With Hanna's increasing attentions, he doubles down on his efforts to distract himself from her seduction, but his defenses are wearing thin.
Will either escape the semester with their hearts intact?


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