Lauren Clemett

Finding Your Brand True North

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Business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders offer extraordinary services and solutions but when it comes to marketing their message, many are treading a rocky road of success with rough peaks and gloomy valleys of uncertainty.
Let's not beat around the bush...no matter how much a business invests in a brand it no one is motivated to follow the plan everyone will go off in different directions and in a noisy and unpredictable world, leading businesses cannot afford to get lost. It's time to get back on track so you can CONFIDENTLY stand out from the crowd as the respected leader with a recognised reputation.
Finding Your Brand True North gives you meaning for every message, making it easy to explain what makes your brand different and why someone should choose you. It gives you a compass and the right direction to MAP out your marketing.
Discover the brand stories and Neurobranding science behind world-leading and local brands so you can create a powerful personal and business brand profile, making promoting you and your services a walk in the park!
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