Arnold Bennett

A Bracelet at Bruges

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'A Bracelet at Bruges' is a mystery story about a lost diamond bracelet. Initially there does not appear to be any mystery about the loss. Kitty Sartorius, the famous actress, visiting Bruges with her friend Eve Fincastle, had just passed the valuable trinket to her new acquaintance Madame Lawrence to look at, when the latter accidentally dropped the jewellery into the canal. But despite the best efforts of the Bruges police department to drain the bottom of the canal over several days, the bracelet does not reappear. Cecil Thorold, a mutual acquaintance who also happened to be visiting Bruges, sets out to solve the mystery. But is he more motivated to recover the jewellery, or to thwart the suave and mysterious foreign Count who seems to be very interested in Kitty Sartorius.
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