Michael Brooks

REMOTE iT! Winning with Freelancers

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Brooks has assembled a comprehensive overview for business owners looking to engage the swelling population of talented freelancers. His work covers everything from engagement, assessment, and retention, to timetables and international considerations. This is an excellent resource for employers and freelancers alike!" -- Manhattan Book Review

Imagine how great it would be to cut costs and grow your business beyond your wildest expectations by “remoting it” with outstanding global freelance talent. Discover how you can eliminate the expense of maintaining an office and many other costs with this approach.

This fast-paced book explains how to:

-Lead an exceptional remote culture.

-Easily find and hire people with a wide range of different skill sets.

-Build a loyal workforce and conduct productive meetings across multiple time zones.

-Leverage cutting-edge virtual collaboration tools.

-Use a freelance platform to recruit, screen, hire, manage, and pay workers.

-Save vast amounts of money and achieve amazing results

Get ready to ditch the office and experience the freedom of working from anywhere while leading a booming business.
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