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Ramit Sethi on Mastering Money Psychology

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Today on the show we have New York Times bestselling author and founder of I Will teach You To Be Rich Ramit Sethi on the show to talk about Mastering Psychology.

If you follow all things personal finance, you know the name, Ramit Sethi. He wrote the best selling book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich and it was published at the worst point of the financial crisis in 2009. Ten years on, 98% of the advice in the book is still applicable. The recipe for getting rich doesn't really change very much over time.

Now on the eve of its tenth anniversary of his first super successful book, comes a significant cover-to-cover revision. At the core of the revised book is Ramit’s shows you step-by-step how to beat banks and credit cards at the fee game, automate your savings and investments, negotiate a raise, manage student loans, and enjoy vacations and other things you love by practicing conscious spending.

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Show Notes

18 Watt Session: An IPA from Beer Smiths.

Technicolor Splendor: A Double IPA

You can preorder your copy of Ramits' new book here.

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