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12 Rules for Life - Summary in English

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If you want an intellectual and spiritual challenge that is:
RichBeautifulPainfulHilariousTroubling, and true,hear this audio-book summary of 12 Rules for Life.
I have read dozens of books, mostly covering human nature, psychology, and history. However, I loved this book and I summarised it to an audio-book.
If you really want to know yourself, you have to explore not only your light, which is easy, but you also have to explore your dark. You have to sit in the uncomfortable and vulnerable truth of your own imperfection and do so in the eyes of God. We can only manifest our greatest purpose and goodness as was intended by God, if we are willing to bear the truth of our souls as we walk with God, as did the first man and woman in their nakedness before they found shame in self-consciousness, knowing good and evil.
One of the greatest themes in this book is that we can only find meaning and manifest our true greatness and purpose if we are willing to take on the struggle and responsibility of confronting suffering in ourselves first, so we can find the courage to confront suffering in others and the world, and do our part to lessen it.
Jee Utrecht
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