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Johnny Angel Planet Sonst Boy Loves Boy

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Book 5 JOHNNY ANGEL PLANET SONST BOY LOVES BOY. This is the fifth book in the series, the first being JOHNNY ANGEL SPACE STATION QUARK, THE SECOND BEING JOHNNY ANGEL TIME BIT UNIT AND THE THIRD BEING JOHNNY ANGEL SEA OF PROSPERITY. All books deal with a boy loves boy backdrop to highly imaginative science fiction. There are four different stories dealing with different boys. Johnny Angel, Mathew someday, Christopher Cross and Simon Sevenson.


Still on the island, apparently in the galaxy ship Anama No1, while at the pool, Johnny wakes to darkness, apparently he’d been there all day. He is taken at gunpoint boy a boy patrolman at the waterfall to an imperial base where a scientist gives him a module; a book of numbers which allows him to float through a chasm over the sea. There he saves William being pursued by a hunter killer whale by using the book of numbers by lifting him up out of the whale’s jaws and taking him back to the island.

Mathew Someway

Mathew wakes as an alien twin. After the shock, Michael listens to his story; in a midnight swim, Mathew follows Michael down where he found an alien, who after giving Michael oxygen takes him to an underwater spout which hides a window to another planet; Sonst; a jungle airbase, a raider, a girl, a city full of aliens.

Christopher Cross

Still on Jules’, the phylogenetic, island, just off the city of Sky, on the planet of Plutarch, Cris is jumped on by a young savage, apparently an unofficial visitor. Both faint after a breakfast of drugged coconut milk. Cris wakes with hunter Frank Black who believes Jules is still out there…

Someone else woke me up, this one really was thirteen, Jules, a charming one, some pirates are an unusual package, this one was master of unarmed combat, he was telephetic, which was probably the reason he was master of unarmed combat. Not only did he move like greased lightning, he could tell what the other fellow was thinking to do.
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