Denisse Rose

Obey Me: A BDSM Romance Story

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Jenny’s sweet and innocent smile was the perfect way to start any morning. Harry didn’t know why he specifically hired her, but there was something about her that put a smile on his face. He wasn’t sure if it was her quirky mannerisms or her bouncy personality, but she made him smile. For such a tough businessman, that wasn’t always easy to do.

He had personal assistants in the past that would try to flirt with him or live out some sort of fantasy of tapping into his wealth or celebrity, but Harry knew he was safe with Jenny. He presumed she had a boyfriend; she didn’t look at anyone in the office and didn’t exactly dress to impress.

Nice floral dresses and cardigans with thick tights and tied up hair wasn’t exactly Harry’s idea of sexy but she wasn’t a distraction, not like his past personal assistants and not like some of his other colleagues.

He could see the desperate girls a mile off, the type who still thought sleeping their way to the top was a thing. Sometimes Harry would make subtle hints to these types of girls so he could have his way with them for his own personal pleasure. He was a master at hinting at things without ever promising them and waited for a girl who’d be foolish enough to fall for it, it was a wicked game.

“Would you like a drink Mr. Stone?” asked Jenny, with that sweet smile that she often gave him.

“Just a coffee please,” he replied, Jenny knew exactly how he liked ...

WARNING: This book contains steamy content and is intended for mature audiences. 18+ only!
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