Clarissa Toddler

Bedtime Stories for Kids and Children

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Do you want your kids to go to sleep faster, but still enrich their minds culturally and intellectually?
Have you ever wanted to be carried away on a magical journey that you and your child will both enjoy? One that will entertain, intrigue, and even educate? A bedtime story is a time for you and your child to grow closer together. A time to soothe, and send the drifting off to sleep with dreams that will warm their heart and mind. It is an opportunity to help your child grow in a wise and gentle adult in the earliest years of their life. While all this is happening, you both get to share laughter and excitement.
Dive into a world you’ve forgotten since you were a kid. A land of magic and fantasy. See the world through the eyes of a child once again, and find your imagination all over. In this collection of Oceania bedtime stories, you’ll find every wonder a child deserves. Tales of above the sea, beneath the sea, and everything in between. Sail across the Pacific with your little one. Discover forgotten lands with them. Go on great adventures and become brave pirates together!
This tome of tales will provide you with:
17 fantastical stories for kids of all ages!Epics that are full of heart and warmth!Tales containing love and lessons!Discoveries of a lifetime!A journey around the Pacific!Cultural diversity and education in an entertaining form!Tales of heroes big and small!Lessons that even adults should learn again!Reality and myth blended seamlessly together!Imagination brought to life!A new quest with your child each night!A collection of stories that you can share for years to come!A family heirloom that your children can pass on to theirs!Bedtimes that you and your kids will reminisce over forever!Get this audiobook now to begin listening to Oceania bedtime stories to your child.


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