Scarlett Moffatt

Sophia the Supergirl

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Help Your Child Fight Dyslexia and Read/Write Her Favorite Stories
I know how difficult it is for a Dyslexic child to excel in studies, having suffered from it in my childhood. But I fought this bravely with the help of my inspiring teacher, who always supported me.
I took the opportunity to create a book that could share my stories with other struggling children to inspire them to become brave.
Sophia the Supergirl is a story about a princess who was born with a special gift. She was very happy with her power to make things dance and swing in her mind until it became a problem.
When she started reading and writing, the letters started dancing, too, so she could not read and write properly. She became very sad and exactly then her angel came to help her.
Now she can read and write easily. After all, she took control of her mind's eye with the help of her angel. This book reveals her secret so your princess can become a Supergirl too.
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