Rae A. Stonehouse

Working With Words

Forrest Gump is known for having said Life is like a box of chocolates. It occurred to the author in a dream one night, that life is more like a bowl of strawberries.

More precisely, public speaking is like a bowl of strawberries.

A few strawberries, freshly picked off the plant and immediately eaten, can be delicious.

A bushel basket of them sitting in front of you with the expectation you had to eat them, here and now, wouldn’t be.

But what about a nice strawberry sundae or a good-sized, mouth-watering portion of strawberry shortcake?

When it comes to public speaking, there are times when fewer words are better.

There are times we are bombarded with a speaker telling us everything they know about a subject.

There’s too much to absorb… so we tune out.

Then there is the strawberry shortcake of presentations.

This is where the speaker whets your appetite, gives you just enough of a serving that you are close to being full and leaves you wanting more.

Working With Words: Adding Life to Your Oral Presentations provides you with the recipe for using words to help you become a dynamic speaker.

Veteran Toastmaster of over 26 years, Rae A. Stonehouse provides sage advice and helpful tips to whet your appetite to become a more dynamic speaker and presenter.

The book explores the following public speaking strategies:

The Language of Speaking

Improving Your Descriptive Powers

Using Vocal Variety to Make Your Presentations Come Alive

Using Gestures for a Powerful Speech… and much more!

Working With Words: Adding Life to Your Oral Presentations is for any speaker or presenter who wants to take their speaking to the next level.
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