Kimmy Welsh

Anal Lovers 8-Pack : Books 25 – 32 (Anal Sex Erotica First Time Anal Erotica Collection)

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Dirty gals taking it deep for the first time in rough anal sessions at the mercy of older men! It’s some of the naughtiest erotica on the planet – come see if you can handle it!
Stories include Anal Lovers Books 25 – 32: ‘My Friend’s Dad In My Ass In The Moving Van,’ ‘Lodging His Length In The Ski Lodge,’ ‘Possessed By The Ghost Of Anal Annie,’ ‘You Don’t Take A Temperature Like That Doc,’ ‘I Saw His Length By Accident – Now I Want It In My Ass,’ ‘Breaking And Entering My Ass,’ ‘Up All Night On His Length,’ and ‘Her Dad’s Magic Hands.’
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