Raymoni Love

Why Are Americans So Afraid?

My fellow Americans, America is in trouble and today is the time that we fix what is wrong with our beloved country. In WHY ARE AMERICANS SO AFRAID? you will find a comprehensive book, that delves into concerns that we as Americans have today. See, we have to change America, because there are far too many children committing murder and doing drugs, and you have government restricting parents from disciplining them for fear of losing their parental rights. You have politicians speaking indifference when it comes to Latinoes, Muslims and Syrian refugees. In WHY ARE AMERICANS SO AFRAID?, Raymoni Love purports that every American, and religions alike must commit themselves to world peace, without having science and technology erase the pith of what our Constitution stands for. America let us stand loudly and proudly together for peace, improved housing, educational facilities, equality and civil liberties. We are Americans, and no longer shall we be afraid to live free and coexist as Americans.
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