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Anna Durand

The Notorious Dr. MacT

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Their forbidden attraction is undeniable, but giving in could make them both notorious.
I left Scotland to get away from troubles back home, but I never expected to fall for a bonnie American lass. She's twenty-two. I'm thirty-seven. I will never make love to Rae Evehart, and I shouldn't even spend time with her. But being with Rae makes me feel lighter, as if the burdens of my past have vanished.
Despite our age gap, I can't resist this desire for much longer.
Iain MacTaggart is the hottest man on earth. I love his accent, his intelligence, and his rugged good looks. I need him to kiss me, but he always shies away from that. I get that I'm younger and that bothers him. But the deeper I fall for Iain, the less I care about what's right or wrong.
Then I finish my final exams, and I'm technically no longer a student. One night changes everything—and ruins us both. But I get a surprise not long after Iain vanishes from my life.
Will he ever know the secret I keep? Only fate knows the answer.
The Notorious Dr. MacT is a Hot Scots prequel that reveals the full backstory of Iain and Rae, going beyond what's revealed in Notorious in a Kilt (Hot Scots, Book Five).
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