Jean Joachim

Harley Brennan, Running Back

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Harley Brennan and Shyla Hollings agreed to part company to follow their careers. It was a mutual decision. The star running back had no problem getting dates, but never the right dates. After one year spent trying to replace the only woman he’d ever loved, he declared defeat. Until the reality TV show, Marriage Minded, approached him.
Harley flies to L.A. after the Super Bowl, ready to find his new soul mate. Bumping into Shyla at the airport doesn’t give him a clue that she’s behind the scenes, designing the sets for the program. And she doesn’t tell him. Was Fate playing a hand, bringing them together? If so, Harley has to admit, Fate has lousy timing.
Convinced his life was heading for a touchdown, Harley’s confidence is high, until his luck runs out. Will the running back get knocked out of the game or sprint to victory?
A unique combination of reality TV show surprises, football action, humor, and steamy love scenes, Harley Brennan, Running Back, keeps you guessing until the last scene.
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