George M. Singer

Spiritual Books: The Ultimate Collection To Be A Success At Connecting Spiritually

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Are you spiritually in tune?
Do you connect with a higher power easily or do you find it confusing and out of reach?
Would you like to learn how you can successfully connect spiritually?
Billions of people around the world look to a higher power every day. It is manifested in their speech, actions and deeds and helps us to live better and more productive lives that are worthwhile and valued. But connecting with God is harder than it seems for some.
This new book, Spiritual Books: The Ultimate Collection to be a Success at Connecting Spiritually, aims to change all of that by helping you to find ways of connecting through chapters on:
- Spiritual Resolutions Basics
- Be Good To Yourself
- Keep Up With Prayer
- Set Aside Time To Meditate
- Learn To Listen To Your Inner Voice
- Get A Grateful Mindset
- Use Affirmations To Stay On Course
- The Benefits Of Your Spiritual Resolution
- And Much More…
With these tips and ideas, plus your faith, you will have an unbreakable alliance that will propel you towards a greater understanding and meaning of your life.
Get a copy and see how it change yours!
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