Ilia Delio

Christian Life

What does it really mean to be a Christian today?
What is "good" about the good news Christians profess? Join acclaimed spirituality scholar, author and professor Sr. Ilia Delio in exploring the Christian adventure.
As we enter into a period marked by the science of evolution, global consciousness, technological connectedness and religious pluralism, the question of Christian life is more urgent now than ever before. Does Christian life make a difference? Or is it simply a program of duties and obligations, a life that anticipates an otherworldly heaven? In these talks, you will explore the heart of Christian life as an adventure in love.
You will begin with a discussion of God, who calls us into life. What is God and who is God as Trinity? How is the new creation story today, especially through the lens of evolution, helping us to see the triune God in a new way? Professor Delio will highlight the centrality of the cross as the mark of Christian life that sets it apart from other religions.
Professor Delio will then turn your focus to Christian life as a spiritual life, asking, how does the Gospel help shape spirituality? What is the place of sin and conversion? You will examine a spirituality of transformation through the cross, using the lens of Franciscan spirituality, and explore the relationship between contemplation and compassion as the deepening of love.
The final section will take up the challenging question, where is Christian life going as the dawn of a new age draws upon us?
This Christian adventure in love is an invitation to live a Christian life as the way to proclaim it.
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