Connor Whiteley

Abnormal Psychology

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Perfect for students, teachers and anyone interested in psychology.
Want to know what causes depression and how’s it’s treated?
Interested in abnormal or clinical psychology?
Or do you just want to know more about psychology and humans in general?
If the yes answer to any of those questions, then this is the book for you.
As together we explore the amazing world of abnormal psychology and investigate how biological, cognitive and sociocultural factors are involved in the causes and treatment of depression in an engaging conversational tone.
By the end of this book not only will you start to become an expert in abnormal psychology, but you will start your journey to understand human behaviour and learn more about yourself as well.
Psychology is a fascinating subject so buy today and discover more about human behaviour!
If you like this book, then you'll love my A Guide to Global Mental Health and Treatment around the World as well.
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