Jason D. Lipsey

SINGLE MOM Self-help book about how to be financially independent, find love of your life and make your child happy

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You can have it all and this book will show you how!
The modern woman has thrown off many of the old stereotypes that held back previous generations. Work and careers, together with the financial freedom and independence they bring, play a far more prominent role now than ever before. But the desire to also fulfill themselves as a mother can often mean a complicated juggling act.
In this book, The Single Mom, you can find plenty of information that will show you where the strength and confidence you need comes from and how you can find the happiness and contentment you want through chapters that cover:
 How to become a strong woman and is it too late to learn?
 Creating your own image
 You and the man in your life
 You and the children and where they fit in
 You and your parents
 You and friends
 The all-important career that you can still have
 And more…
This book was written specifically for women who possess a desire to receive joy and pleasure from the realization of their desires, but who are perhaps unsure about the path to take.
With just a little effort and the tips and advice contained within The Single Mom, you too could have all that you want from your life!
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