Jason Hendrickson,Syrie Gallows,Samirah Eaton


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This 3-book combo consists of related books about the following subjects:

Subject 1: In this short guide, you will learn about the nine signs that show how intelligent you might be. You will gain more understand as you study the nerve cells of those who have them in bigger sizes and running around at faster paces. The difference between fluid and crystallized intelligence will be mentioned, as well as influences on intelligence, IQ tests, and personality traits related to being smart.

Subject 2: Some people get it all wrong when it comes to understanding the intricate depths of emotional intelligence and all that pertains to it. What are some of the misconceptions people believe in? We will explore that today.

Subject 3: How does our brain work?

What facts and myths about our minds are out there, and which should you believe?

These and several other questions will be answered in this comprehensive manual. You will also learn about the sex differences pertaining to the human brain, how those differences manifest themselves in children’s play, and other topics that relate to our cognizant awareness.
Efalon Acies
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