Bacaan yang Bikin Merinding

Mitha W
Mitha W

Satu harga. Bertumpuk-tumpuk buku

Jangan cuma membeli satu buku, beli perpustakaan beserta isinya… dengan harga yang sama.

Selalu ada yang dibaca, setiap saat

Teman, editor, dan pakar dapat membantu Anda menemukan buku baru dan menarik.

Baca kapan saja, di mana saja

Ponsel selalu ada bersama Anda, begitu juga buku Anda – meskipun Anda sedang offline.

Bookmate – aplikasi yang membuat Anda ingin membaca
Lagi nyari cerita yang misterius, nggak bisa ditebak, bikin merinding tapi nagih? Coba baca salah satu dari buku-buku ini!
What would be better than spending your time reading this book? Nothing!
Those characters are messed up but I love the book anyway. Twisted ending, the way I like it.
Ever read a story backwards?
Well, this book should really be your first.
I guarantee you wouldn't be dissapointed.
You wouldn't be patient to finish it either. Ha!
This isn't bad. But I've read another book written by Karin and they're better than this one.
One thing that I like from Karin's writing is.....the deep, so strong. And I can feel a lot of hatred in this book.
It's boring, at first. Really boring.
But, because I love 'The Girl on The Train' so much, I decided to keep reading it.
And, the more I read, the more I'm into it!
I was hurried to reach the end cause I was soo anxious to find who the killer was.
Hmmm, you'd be amazed at how the writer had fooled us in the entire book 😂😂😂
Another well written book by Karin :))
Quite unexpected ending, I must say.
When I read the book, I felt like I was forced to be patient because of the plot twists that left me tired of guessing who the mastermind of the tragedy hu hu
But still, I love 'Pretty Girls' the most!
Is he guilty? Is she guilty? Pay attention! You don't wanna be fooled.
"There are things you can't unsee"

It is extraordinary. Feels like the writer is keeping you on edge by giving twist, twist, and then more twists in the book. Read it and you'll meet the worst kind of psychopath, ever!
I love this book!!
Too much traps, too much lies. I failed to uncover the real agenda until I reach the end of the book. And I never thought it would end up like that...
Do not watch the movie, it's a waste of time. You better read the book and get the real 'sensation' hahaha
I looove the unexpected ending. This book is a good good one ;)
Kisah tentang mantan kekasih yang mengungkapkan isi hatinya. Cerita dikemas dengan sangat menegangkan, menarik, dan...............sedih.
What's in the letter? Let's figure it out.
"One wrong choice and they will die"
Bird Box, Josh Malerman
Josh Malerman
Bird Box
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Utterly terrifying!!
But I was soo curious that I read it in one run. Aand, no regret!
The book was so damn good, it gave me goosebump everytime I turn the page.
Began with a romantic love story, ended with a desperate one. You should read it :))
This book tells a true story. But no one really knows what the true story is.
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