Perfect Books for Evening Read

The title say it all, I'll give you some recommendations for your evening read. Those books are light, and not too thick. So, enjoy.
Second book of The Selection series. The best book in America's story (in my opinion).
The Elite, Kiera Cass
Kiera Cass
The Elite
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This is the first book of The Selection series. It's a dystopian romance with triangle-love trope and slightly annoying heroine. Still cute tho.
Who's up for some murder case?

Yes, yes. I know. Mystery/crime isn't really everyone's favorite genre for evening read BUT this book is a light one (Kinda) So I guess, you might want to give it a try and solve the mystery in Echo Ridge.
Set in the same universe with Simon vs. The Homosapiens Agenda, this book tells story about Molly (Abby's cousin). It's super adorable and fun!
This book is super adorable. A retelling of well-known fairytale Cinderella but the Cinderella is a geek teenager, big fan of sci-fi TV show Starfield while the Prince Charming is the lead actor for Starfield reboot and also a (closeted) geek. It has differences with the actual Cinderella story, good differences in my opinion. You'll most likely finish this book in one-sitting.
This book was already so popular around three years ago when it was first released. And now that the movie adaptation is out, it gets more and more attention it deserves. The story, though a little cliche, is still so cute and worth to read!
A poetry collection is perfect for evening tea! This one is beautiful and full of love.
This book is great, written by two amazing authors and in different styles. My favorite is Levithan's Will Grayson.
The second book of Bliss trilogy. Rose challenged her Aunt Lily in an international cooking contest, with one condition: if she win the contest, Lily has to give back the Bliss Cookery Booke to Rose. Beat the amazing and great Lily? Well, this is an impossible task for Rose, follow her adventure in Paris by reading this book. (Don't forget to prepare your cookies!)
The last book of the trilogy. (*sobs)

Rose get kidnapped!! The kidnapper asked her to re-new some recipes, if she still want to see her family. And Rose, she can't say no.

(You might need more cookies, I also recommended a cup of tea)
All Rosemary Bliss wanted was to be a great baker. And maybe some popularity. And get noticed by her crush. But then, her so-called aunt suddenly came to her house when her parents weren't around. You need to believe in magic when reading this book, and some cookies.
The second book. If you think you'll find out what happened between Charlie and Silas in this book, nope, you're wrong. They still ain't give us any clue in the part two, so, all you have to do is finish this trilogy, read the part three.
The first book of Never Never trilogy. Veeeery pageturning because you'll get curious af.
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