Theodore Dreiser

The Bulwark

Rufus and Hannah Barnes are good Quakers, highly respected in their new community of Dukla, Pennsylvania and strictly loyal to their faith. They pass this loyalty on to their children, including Solon Barnes, who must hold on to his Quaker convictions while living in an increasingly materialistic modern society. After falling for the lovely Benecia_x2014_a daughter of the wealthy Wallin family_x2014_Solon is given a position at her father’s bank in Philadelphia, poised to work his way up from the bottom. Solon’s faith is challenged by his position at the bank, as his moral values cause him to butt heads with corrupt executives driven by financial gain. Meanwhile, his own children start rebelling against the strict principles they were raised with. Yet even as the weight of the world bears down on the noble foundations at the core of his principles, Solon remains a bulwark for his faith.
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