Sad Girls, Lang Leav
Lang Leav

Sad Girls

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School is almost out for Audrey, but the panic attacks are just beginning. Because Audrey told a lie and now her classmate, Ana, is dead. Just as her world begins to spin out of control, Audrey meets the enigmatic Rad – the boy who could turn it all around. But will their ill-timed romance drive her closer to the edge?

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Sanny You
Sanny Youmembagikan kesan3 tahun yang lalu
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Better than I'd expected from Lang Leav, actually. It's evident that this was heartfelt, although personally I didn't connect nor cared for the characters, especially Audrey.

Safa Ben Haj Kacem
Safa Ben Haj Kacemmembagikan kesan4 bulan yang lalu
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This book have been truly magical to me , i read it in less than a week , its pure beauty and the deep meanings behind it are worth reading ... i cried ,i laughed and i lived with every emotion ...

freyjamembagikan kesan2 bulan yang lalu

What the fuck did i just read

Mae-Shen Leopardess
Mae-Shen Leopardessmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
“Anxiety is a tricky thing, honey. It’s kind of like the weather, you know? You can have a whole lot of blue skies, then all of a sudden, it goes El fucking Niño on you.”
thebookishomemembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
At times, the scenarios I pictured were so graphic they left me wondering whether, perhaps, there is another version of me somewhere that has lived it. Maybe we slip in and out of alternate worlds through our minds and our imaginations, picking up scar tissue from other dimensions.
chezkamembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
“It’s almost like there was only an up and down before him, but now I have discovered you can also go sideways too.
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