Diana Marsland,Julie Nerney

Own Your Day

Are you a manager, stuck in between pressure from senior leadership and needs from your team? Do you sometimes feel that you’ve been robbed of your power, your influence… and your ability to actually achieve anything?! It’s time to Own Your Day.
If you’re a hard-pressed manager, this practical and purposeful collection of simple tools and techniques will empower you to translate the strategy from the top into real results on the ground. Based on working experience from hundreds of organizations, Own Your Day uses an easy-to-apply mix of real-life case studies and specific guidance to help you adapt what you’ve learned to your own circumstances — all grounded in solid primary research from expert authors. Covering the full range of day-to-day challenges and issues, this book includes:
-          Balancing the needs of strategy and delivery
-    The importance of prep vs planning
-          Developing and using your influence
-          Getting the best out of yourself and the people around you
-     Being your authentic self
-    Implementing change successfully
Don’t get stuck in the middle — reclaim your autonomy, step into your authority, and Own Your Day.
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