The Hire Tactics

Things have changed, times have changed, and times are tough — especially if you're a military veteran seeking employment in today's economy. This essential guide is designed to help you succeed in your civilian job search. Written by a career military officer and a career expert, TheHireTactics introduces a methodology that includes innovative tools that go far beyond the traditional resume and cover letter. You will learn how to define your value in civilian terms and employ the strategies and tactics necessary to differentiate yourself from the competition and successfully complete your job search mission.
Learn the 4 Milestones for Civilian Employment:
Packaging — teaches you how to implement new and unique tools that will clearly separate you from your competition. Promotion — introduces strategies and techniques that help you successfully penetrate the hidden job market by broadcasting your value to the business community, not your resume. Product Demonstration — teaches you the techniques to conduct a proactive, strategic interview that will greatly enhance your chances of getting the offer. Pricing — Teaches you how to negotiate the difference between what you're offered and your true worth to the organization.
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