Daniel Goleman

Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence

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This is the book that established “emotional intelligence” in the business lexicon—and made it a necessary skill for leaders. Managers and professionals across the globe have embraced Primal Leadership, affirming the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership. Its influence has also reached well beyond the business world: the book and its ideas are now used routinely in universities, business and medical schools, and professional training programs, and by a growing legion of professional coaches. This refreshed edition, with a new preface by the authors, vividly illustrates the power—and the necessity—of leadership that is self-aware, empathic, motivating, and collaborative in a world that is ever more economically volatile and technologically complex. It is even timelier now than when it was originally published.From bestselling authors Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee, this groundbreaking book remains a must-read for anyone who leads or aspires to lead. Also available in ebook format wherever ebooks are sold.
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    Morten Christian Plougmannmembuat kutipan5 tahun yang lalu
    The progression from a person’s first awareness of a competence to the point of mastery—in other words, being able to use the competence regularly and effectively—offers a fine-grained look at how leadership excellence develops in life
    Morten Christian Plougmannmembuat kutipan5 tahun yang lalu
    Manage the myths of leadership
    Morten Christian Plougmannmembuat kutipan5 tahun yang lalu
    reate systems that sustain emotionally intelligent practices

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