Andre Norton

Ware Hawk

A brave young woman hires a Falconer to be her guardian on an epic quest to fulfill her destiny in the bestselling Witch World series.
Tirtha is the last of her line. The vengeful Duke Yvian and those who hated the Old Race destroyed her clan, and now she alone is destined to bear the burden of fulfilling her family’s destiny. Haunted by dreams that drive her spirit, she knows she must return to her family’s ancient stronghold of Hawkholme. But what she will do once she gets there has yet to be revealed.
For protection on her journey, she hires Nirel, once a proud Falconer whose Eyrie was destroyed when the Witch Women moved the very mountains to protect Estcarp from final annihilation. Now a blank shield for hire, he does what he must to survive using his wits, will, and a gift for seeing the future in his dreams. But he cannot see everything.
Together, Tirtha and Nirel must brave peril and pain to reach the hold of Hawkholme. But a Dark One is determined to stop them—no matter the cost in magic or murder.
Ware Hawk is an unforgettable tale from Science Fiction Writers of America Grand Master Andre Norton.
Ware Hawk is the 2nd book in the Witch World: Estcarp Cycle, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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