CHAMELEON, Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore


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Chameleon is a true story and reveals what is so often hidden behind the word 'divorce'.

Betrayal destroys the very essence of love and of trust. It robs you of the future you believed you had and distorts it into something ugly, unwanted, and frightening. Chameleon demonstrates how a man sustains a way of life that epitomises love and devotion to his family, but in reality conceals an astonishing degree of betrayal. Read how a 'loving' dad chose to sacrifice his children rather than face the responsibilities intrinsic to fatherhood. They suffer the 'death' of their father but are denied the opportunity to mourn his loss. And why? Because betrayal can only ever leave a legacy of emotional devastation and confusion.

Life is a story. An ordinary life is a story, with secrets that few are priviliged enough to see. And yet those very strangers whose life is locked away in obscurity will invariably reflect the emotional taboos endemic in others. This is one story, one family and one reason why the foundations on which a life was built was very nearly destroyed. Lies.

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