Sandra LaMorgese

5 Steps for Better Communication, Sex and Happiness

Everyone wants to know the secrets to a good, healthy, exciting relationship. We swim through an endless stream of magazine articles, blog posts, books, and advice from friends and family, desperately hoping that we'll find the secret to finding, growing, and sustaining a truly loving relationship. For many of us, this quest takes up a huge amount of our thoughts and energy, especially if we start the journey with a trail of painful, failed relationships behind us.In this book, though, I have the answer we've all been searching for: the key that can unlock your potential to become a more loving partner, a more self-aware and confident person, and a more sexually invigorated and satisfied lover. Does it sound too good to be true? Are you ready to be enlightened? Here it is: The secret to having a great relationship the foundation, the key, the map that leads you to a chest of priceless buried treasure is communication.
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