Joyce Kupsh,Rhonda Rhodes

Writing-A Survival Guide

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Everyone writes! Your writing may be a blog, text message, report, essay, resume, letter, email, completion of forms, as well as all types of social media. Writing is a skill that can be improved with some practice and Writing—A Survival Guide. This book includes:

Chapter 1—Organizing—purpose, types, format, parts
Chapter 2—Starting—planning, researching, outlining
Chapter 3—Referencing—avoiding plagiarism, basic steps, reference
management software, citing sources, using style manuals
Chapter 4—Writing—objectivity, conciseness, coherence, tone, emphasis,
variety, comprehensiveness
Chapter 5—Polishing—abbreviations, acronyms, capitalization, italics,
numbers, punctuation, spelling, word division
Chapter 6—Producing— fonts, color, paper, layout, graphics
Chapter 7—Finishing—editing, proofreading
B o n u s—Designing & Delivering Presentations

Writing—A Survival Guide provides the essentials to assist in all writing endeavors along with examples. Checklists are included to use in perfecting your writing. Novice and experienced writers will benefit from this book.

When writing needs to be presented orally, a lively, engaged presentation, enhanced
by visuals, is required. Writing—A Survival Guide has a bonus section on Designing
and Delivering Presentations to assist you in making dynamic presentations.
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