Mindy Gibbins-Klein,Bert Verdonck

Your book in 100 days

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You can write your book in 100 days. With the right mindset, motivation, guidance and determination to succeed, you will write an excellent book that will help you achieve your goals.
This practical and friendly book shows you how to tap into the power of your mind and bring your best ideas to life. You will write your book in much less time than average first-time authors take, and you will have more fun doing it!
You will discover the answers to the big questions, such as – What is your dream, for your life as well as your book?
– Who will benefit most from reading your book?
– How can you structure the book in the best way for your reader?
Follow the advice of two authors who have helped hundreds of people create their books and see your book come to life in just 100 days.
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