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In Inspire, bestselling author Yazmin Torres Padilla shows entrepreneurs how to grow their sales team by serving with love, engaging their team’s passions, and refining their skills. It can be difficult to find salespeople who make important deals and maintain customer relationships. Yazmin Torres Padilla has much experience in this line of work and uses her expertise to help those whose sales teams are having difficulties scaling up and keeping the customer in mind at the same time. In Inspire, Yazmin shows readers the leadership team needed to manage high performing teams. Inspire is the best way to adapt one’s small or medium business to a personalized and integrated sales structure that includes a specific selection process, a training program, and a loyalty and reward plan for the sale department. All this will make one’s sales increase at least twenty percent more, making their business grow and expand. Within Inspire, readers learn how to:

Choose the right person to work in the sales team and get rid of inefficient staffSet commercial goals that make their business grow Train and coach the commercial team to make them reach goals Evaluate performance and reward members of their sales team Identify the service their client will love and communicate it Yazmín draws from her years of experience in solving the most common organizational problems to show readers how to retake control of their business. Inspire is the key to take one’s business to the next level towards sales success.
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