The “Success” Dictionary, Thomas S Caldwell
Thomas S Caldwell

The “Success” Dictionary

The “Success” Dictionary comes from experiencing both success and adversity. No one is successful across all aspects of their lives. We all experience setbacks and heartbreaks. It is noteworthy that we learn more in adversity than in success. Difficulties and trials are opportunities for personal inventory, change and imaginative thinking.

In the following pages, you will see the key factors behind success and failure.
The definitions or traits noted herein will help to polish and hone skills you already possess and combine them with the organization, discipline and character needed to succeed in life, no matter where you are now.
It is interesting to note that we are often our own greatest obstacles to success. This book attempts to deal with self-sabotage.

The key factors for success are listed in dictionary form in order to be easily accessible. This book is meant to be used during your working day. Blank pages are included at the end of the book for you to add additional definitions that you find helpful.
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